The AA’s Night School is an on-going speculative project dealing with alternative models of architectural education. It aims to turn an architecture school inside out, offering what are usually internal activities to a wide audience of professionals, clients, other creative practitioners, the general public as well as students. Its format is short evening classes and events that engage issues of design, culture, history, theory and professional practice. Through these it aims to redraw lines between practice and theory and between student and professional.

Night School echoes the Architectural Association’s own origins as an evening school in the 1870’s. It continues the AA’s tradition of innovation in architectural education into an era of rapid transformation of the educational landscape and profound disciplinary change.  Night School addresses issues of life long learning, professional development and re-skilling that are becoming increasingly important. It is a timely experiment in architectural learning, knowledge and disciplinary expertise.

Launched in spring 2013, we hope to develop a rich and varied programme over the course of time. More flexible and nimble than traditional educational formats, we’d be more than happy to hear from you with comments and suggestions for future events.

Sam Jacob / Danielle Hewitt